Media Center

Welcome to the Mississippi Heights Media Center

Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment that promotes learning for all students in grade K– by providing equitable access to information. In addition, we seek to teach information literacy skills and encourage all students to be lifelong learners by providing a wide variety of texts in which all students can see themselves represented. 

We want students to grow into strong, voracious, curious readers. Our mission is to support teachers in educating students about responsibly consuming information as well as responsibly creating information. 

We seek to provide equitable opportunities for students to inquire, learn, communicate, create, critically think, and collaborate with others. 

Children's book area in a library

Book Checkout Procedure

Checkouts occur once a week as classes come down to the media center. Each class has about 20 minutes in the media center to checkout/renew books and read.