Mississippi Heights eLearning

The district will continue to utilize eLearning days for full day closures for all students P–12+. 

  • The first day closure, students and staff will not have school and there will be no eLearning.

  • The second through the sixth full day closures will be eLearning days and staff and students will follow the eLearning plan.

Below are the eLearning expectations for students, staff, and families:

Expectations for Students:

On an eLearning day, students will:

  • Locate and complete Choice Board per the teacher’s directions.
  • Sign and return Choice Board to their teacher within three school days.

In advance, students will:

  • Be prepared to complete eLearning day Choice Boards.

Expectations for Families:

On an eLearning day, families will:

  • Monitor, sign, and return Choice Board with the student to school within three school days.
  • Communicate questions for teachers via email or other digital mediums.

In advance, students will:

  • Be prepared to complete eLearning day Choice Boards. Choice Boards can be found on the district website and will be sent home with students ahead of time.

Expectations for Teachers:

  • Be available for questions via school email, voicemail, and learning management system between 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. 

  • Address student/family questions forwarded from the main office in a timely manner.

  • Record attendance in Skyward based on completed work submitted within three days.

eLearning Day Activities will:

  • Be due within three school days; completion will count towards attendance.
  • Consist of activities that are best suited to the resources that are available for students when at home.
  • Be sent home with students in advance of the dates of eLearning days.

NOTE:  Students will not lose school day privileges, such as recess, if activities are not complete.

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