Help Us Keep Our Students In School

To keep our students safely in school, Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools supports the state of Minnesota’s recommendation that students get tested for COVID-19 every two weeks through the end of the school year. While it’s not a requirement, regular testing compliments other safety measures already in place, such as masking and social distancing. This is one more way to help keep our buildings, sports, and activities open and ensure we are limiting the spread of COVID-19.

We recognize that it’s not always convenient to get tested at a Community Testing Site and are pleased to announce that students are now able to send their Vault-at-Home tests back to the lab through their school buildings.

How this works:

  • Parents/guardians order tests through the Vault-at-Home program (tests are available at no cost to Minnesota residents).
  • Students complete their test at home.
  • Students seal their sample tube and place it in the biohazard bag. The biohazard bag then gets sealed in the shipping bag that came with the test. The shipping label sticker is attached to the bag.
  • Students bring their sealed shipping bag with the shipping label to their school’s health office by 1:00pm on the District’s designated onsite testing day (see testing schedule below).

To help students comply with the Minnesota Department of Health’s bi-weekly testing guidance and use at-home tests as a screening tool:

Students should test on the same schedule as staff (see testing schedule below).

  • Students will need to have a Vault-at-Home kit on hand at home to complete and bring to school on staff testing day. We strongly recommend that students test the same day as bringing completed tests to school.
  • As long as students don’t have symptoms, they don’t need to stay home while waiting for the test results. Students may not attend school with COVID-related symptoms.
  • Once students receive notice that their sample is being processed at the lab, they can order another Vault-at-Home kit for the next screening day.
  • If a student receives a positive test result, please notify the school immediately so that we can begin contact tracing.

Testing Schedule:

Thursday, April 15

Thursday, April 29

Thursday, May 13

Thursday, May 27

Thank you for helping us identify and stop the spread of COVID-19 in our schools!